introduce is a website sharing knowledge about games, technology tips. We carry the mission of “giving and taking back”.

1. The process of formation was founded in 2018 by member and founder of "Warren Merkel".The areas of operation of the company include: computer tips, phone tips, how to download games, digital devices.

2: development process

After 2018 team officially stopped one activity for a while to decide to find new objects for the website.
We hope that during that time you will not forget us. And today we are back

3: redirect the website to Vietnam

This is the important information we would like to inform you. Don't be surprised by the redirection.
After one year of studying elight market, we realized that our sales have not increased and that is the problem we want to turn to work in vietnamse.
Here our team loves Vietnamese people so we will try our best in Vietnam.

4: Hope in Vietnam we can help you

Ok, got it in this beautiful country of Vietnam, we will set up to become a website for sharing knowledge about games and technology.

We will try to share our best hope for your support

Theo: Warren Merkel


Ok and that's the english language we want for our readers. And starting today will officially convert the language into Vietnamese.
Our mission is to share technological knowledge such as computer tips, phones, tablets, games and more.
Hopefully, through this introductory article, you will accompany and develop with us